Your Child Will Start a business in 30 days

A one on one personalised coaching service or a DIY online course.
As your child builds their business, they'll also develop critical thinking, financial literacy, and social skills, laying the foundation for personal and professional success.

Is the alt education right for you?

Do you want to make sure your child does not have to work a 9-5 they hate but do not know where to start?

Has your child jumped from hobby to hobby unsure of what they should stick with?

Has started their business but are struggling with growth

As parents we all face the same concerns when setting up our child for success

  • Fear of an uncertain future

  • Lack of guidance on alternative career paths

  • Keeping pace with technology

  • Finding passions and interests

  • Navigating the overload of information and resources

  • Social pressure & expectations

Benefits unlocked

  • Build an Audience, build a business & build authority

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Future proof your skillset

  • Keep pace with an ever-changing world

  • Find a friendship group that will strive for success together

  • Find your passion

The diy course

  • A self paced 10 unit course

  • Templates, examples and files for you to download and use

  • Learn how to think differently, find your passion and turn that into a business

personalised coaching

  • 10 one on one lessons

  • Your coach will personalise the course to match your level

  • Access to the Alt Edu discord to meet and work with new friends your age with similar interests

Looking to start today?

our FREE introductory module has everything you need to get started

About me

My career began with seven years as a school teacher. However, transitioning into high-performance sports revealed a significant insight: the extensive education and teaching experience I had did not fully equip me for the complexities of the professional environment. This realization led to a period of intensive learning and skill development, aimed at making myself indispensable, mastering negotiation, and pursuing a unique career path.Advancing into various national management positions, it became evident that traditional education falls short in preparing individuals for the highly competitive job market. When everyone is taught the same curriculum, standing out becomes a challenge, making it difficult to secure well-paying, prestigious roles.The conclusion was clear: the best way to learn is to do. Thus, the idea of starting a business emerged as a means to teach entrepreneurial skills essential for success beyond the conventional 9-5 job, enhancing earning potential and securing future relevance.This initiative is not just a business venture; it's a commitment to transforming education. It's about equipping the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to navigate and excel in a rapidly changing world.Our project is dedicated to redefining educational success, fostering a community where learning transcends traditional boundaries, and where success is measured by one's impact and innovation.Join us in this journey towards creating a future where every young individual is prepared to forge their own path, redefine success, and realize their full potential.Together, let's set a new standard for what's possible.

Join the Alt Education

DIY Course

  • 10 modules including: finding your passion, how to think differently, how to develop your ideas and expanding your distribution.

  • Step by step template packs

  • Guided walkthrough on how to start your business once you have settled on your idea

  • Only $100 to get started

Join the Alt Education

Personalised Coaching

  • 10 weekly coaching sessions

  • Personalised lessons focusing on your unique skills and passions

  • We build your business together

  • Access to the Alt Edu Discord to work and share ideas with other Alt Edu Students

  • Only 5 placings per term

  • $1000 per term


How much time should I dedicate to this?One longer session (90 minutes) a week and a shorter (20 minutes) session every day for best results

Is this also for adults?The ideas and principles in the courses do carry over to adults but the courses and coaching is designed for 10-16 year olds

If I buy and decide it is not for me can I have a refund?Yes there is a 100% money back gurantee within 24 hours of purchase

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